What We Offer

Secovi-SP currently represents 40 thousand real estate businesses and condominiums within São Paulo State and continually seeks to offer products and services that keep up with the ever-increasing demand for training and information for real estate professionals.

As well as its headquarter building located in the city of São Paulo housing a modern convention center, the Syndicate is also represented in key strategic hubs across São Paulo State through its regional network of offices. Secovi's portal on the Internet and its international affiliations and partnerships make it a world-class real estate company.

Secovi publishes monthly the Secovi Condomínios Magazine, designed for managers, residents and administrators of condominium buildings. The publication includes news stories and financial information, and contains useful everyday tips for those living in condominium buildings. Freely distributed, the magazine is one of the main segmented publications on a national level.

Regarded as one of the most comprehensive and authoritative Internet portals of the Brazilian real estate sector, the Portal Secovi provides wide ranging information on real estate related topics and is the number one source for up-to-the-minute news, recent studies and research. The site offers personalized access to each market segment and contains useful material for download.

Brazil has very few libraries dedicated solely to the real estate market. The Secovi Specialist Library offers its members customized services for the consultation of items in its collection such as newspaper clippings, industry publications, and real estate law books. The Secovi Library also promotes the sale of technical manuals and reports.

Besides providing legal advice, Secovi members can also rely on the Secovi Mediation Chamber to help them settle in a friendly way and without going to court disputes involving real estate matters.

Among the tools especially designed for Secovi members is the GeoSecovi. Dedicated to the mapping and diagnostics of real estate production, this georeference tool aims to support decisions relating to the strategic direction of real estate companies through information and knowledge management.

Another benefit enjoyed by members is the Secovi Services & Business Club, a fidelity program offering discounts and other advantages through an accredited network of commercial establishments and service providers.

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